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azur taupe’s second official single

azur taupe

azur taupe is a shoegaze-dreampop inspired rock band from Fukuoka. From their synth heavy dreampop EP 「Night Cruising」to their recent live-house exclusive melodic guitar rock performances, the band has been hard at work perfecting their unique blend of surrealist vibes and driving rock rhythm, easily described as a fitting soundtrack to a pensive winter night.

azur taupe:band photo

About 発展都市

azur taupe’s second official single 発展都市 (Hatten Toshi), a song inspired by the endless expansion of our civilisation, is a fitting addition to azur taupe’s ever-expanding sound. 発展都市 chronicles the innately human unease felt in the face of rapid change in this evolving, increasingly complex society. The track marks the band’s departure from the DIY home production of Night Cruising. Recorded in Fukuoka’s own 音楽堂プラム (Ongakudou Plum), the track is produced and engineered by 徳永大知 (Tokunaga Daichi), the producer behind homegrown Fukuoka favorites such as クレナズム, ユアネス, マルシィ, and more. The music video is also a local production, and will feature 椎林巧磨 (Shiibayashi Takuma) of fukuoka rock band SILLY roaming the bustling streets of Hakata. The video is directed by LOOP HAKATA, the studio behind a large body of ユアネス’s music videos, among several other artists from coast to coast.

発展都市 : album art


  • 2019/9/13 Band formed
  • 2019/9/13 Release of first single, Endless Drop City
  • 2020/2/15 Release of first EP, Night Cruising
  • 2020/10/16 Release of Music Video for Endless Drop City
  • 2020/10/27 Max joins the band as drummer
  • 2021/1/16 First LIVE performance: Kokura Fuse
  • 2021/1/21 Keyboardist Nagami leaves the band
  • 2021/5/21 Recording 発展都市
  • 2021/6/5  First Fukuoka City performance: Queblick
  • 2021/11/19 Recording unannounced new single
  • 2021/12/4 Shooting music video for 発展都市
  • 2022/3/30 発展都市 Music Video Release

Upcoming Events

  • 2022/4/30 First performance outside of Fukuoka: 下関 Red Line (Yamaguchi)

Member Profiles

  • Tsumuji
    • Guitar + Vocal
    • Founding member
    • Primary songwriter and creative director
    • Fukuoka, Japan
  • Nishi
    • Bass
    • Founding member
    • Band leader
    • Fukuoka, Japan
  • Max
    • Drums
    • Joined October 2020
    • Public relations
    • Ontario, Canada






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